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Six Reasons

Why eZone Computers is your computer shop.

1.......We aim for 100% customer satisfaction 2.........................Experienced technical staff 3..........................Reliable and fast response 4......................................Quality is affordable 5.............................................No hidden costs 6.....................Onsite service and retail shop

Service Price List

Workshop Computer Service

Let us fix your computer at our shop

Computer Diagnosis-----------------$20 incGST Install Hardware ----------------------$20 incGST Virus,Spyware and Trojan Scan---$80 incGST Install Windows------------------------$80 incGST Data Backup-------------------------$100 incGST Data Recovey-----------------------$250 incGST Other Service(Per Half Hour)------$40 incGST

Onsite Computer Service

Home Computer Service: Frist Hour $92incGST then $40 incGST per additional half hour.

Business Computer Service: $80+GST Per Hour (rapid response service)

All aspects of computer hardware, software, networking, operating system and peripheral service and support.




from The New Zealand Herald Sunday Jul 11, 2010

"Computers are expensive beasts, and every few years you need a new one because the old one doesn't have enough grunt."

"When it comes to small computer shops, my favourites are Ezone Computers in Takapuna and PB Technologies in Glenfield."

"People's usual response to this is "but what happens if something goes wrong?" The answer is you simply pop the box back to the shop and more often than not they can sort the issue on the spot, even if it's not technically their problem."

Bargain Betty: Avoid chains for computers by Diana Clement

See full article below

Bargain Betty: Avoid chains for computers











What services do we offer?

Ezone Computer Repair CentreRepairing PCs

Free advice - We are more then happy to offer suggestions in improving your computer experience whether it be questions about software or hardware or anything else we might happen to know about.

Hardware/Software Diagnosis ($20 incGST) - Not sure why your computer or a part from a computer is not doing what it should? bring it in and let us have a look at it. We will let you know what is wrong and what it costs to get it working again.

Install Hardware component ($20 incGST) - If you have a laptop or desktop that you would like to upgrade, but do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, purchase the component and let our experienced technicians install it for you.

Install RAM,Install Hard disk drive,Install CD/DVD Rom

* Virus scan, windows installation, data backup (from $80 incGST) - Software is becoming increasingly more complicated with time and quite often not every bug is accounted for, leading to some very inexplicable behavior just because you happened to push the right button but at the wrong time. Also the web while offering access to much free content (movies, software, news), has it is dangers with others looking to deceive you into installing their malicious software (usually viruses or Trojans) so that they can gain control of your PC or take important personal information from you. We can attempt to clean the virus off the machine, or if that fails, backup your important data and reinstall a fresh uninfected version of windows on your machine, then copy that data back to it.

Data Recovery ($250 incGST) - If you have data worth keeping, we highly recommend that you keep a backup of all of that data, because hard disk drives fail and it is one of the more common failures that we run into, despite holding all your important data. If however you are back up has failed then we can attempt to do a data recovery on the drive to get your important files back. We will not charge you if we are unable to recover your data.

Other Service ($40 incGST per half an hour) - Sometimes the job does not fit into the descriptions provided above, we will attempt to help you fix the problem with your computer for $40 per half hour.





Need to Fix Your Computer Now? We Can Come to You

If your computer is not working and you need it fixed quickly, then call us at Ezone
Computers and our mobile computer repair and IT support technicians will come to
you, anywhere in Auckland.

Here’s 4 Reasons to Choose Ezone Computers

  1. Experienced Computer and IT Technicians – We can help you with
    everything from a small PC repair to a 100 seat business IT network
  2. Reasonable Charge Out Rates – Here at Ezone, quality advice and service is
  3. No Hidden Costs – The price we quote you is the only price.
  4. Fast, Efficient Service – Our team pride themselves on responding quickly to
    your problem so you can get back to using your computer again.

Plus we’re recommended by consumer advocate Diana Clement, a regular NZ Herald
columnist and savvy shopper who had this to say about Ezone Computers.
"When it comes to small computer shops, my favourites are Ezone
Computers in Takapuna and PB Technologies in Glenfield."
- Diana Clement, NZ Herald – Sunday July 11, 2010

Free Computer Repair and IT Advice

- Is your computer getting slower?
- Think you’ve got a virus infecting your computer?
- Has your email started playing up?

Here are Ezone Computers, we can help you with these and many other computer
repair problems. We can answer your PC repair questions on the spot and give you
advice on the best and most cost effective option for you.

Call us on 09 488 6692 to talk with our Computer and PC Repair Technicians today

Computer Repair and IT Support Services We Offer:

Plus many other computer services. Our staff are experienced computer technicians
and can help you with almost any computer repair problem you have. If we don’t
know the answer, we’ll put you in touch with the right PC repair expert who can.

Laptop and Notebook Repairs

Laptops and Notebooks can be particularly prone to reliability problems compared to
desktop computers. Common problems slow processing speed, frequent software
crashes and screen problems.

If you need laptop repairs, then come and see us. We have laptop and notebook
repair experts on hand who can advise you on the best option for you. Sometimes
only a small laptop repair is needed, or you may be cheaper to start again with a new

Whatever the laptop or notebook problem, our notebook repair experts can help you.

Learn more about Ezone’s Computer and Notebook Repair Services

IT Support for Businesses

Rapid Response IT Support for Auckland Businesses
If your computer network, email or software is down, then you can’t afford to wait.
Every hour is costing you hundreds in lost productivity that you can’t get back. For a
rapid response, call the team at Ezone Computers. Our mobile computer technicians
can be at your office within one hour (if not sooner) no matter where you are in

Proactive IT Support and Maintenance from Ezone

To reduce and prevent the computer breakdowns within your business, Ezone offer a
regular and proactive IT support service. Your businesses computer network will be
regularly monitored and maintained to extend it’s life and prevent the likelihood of
costly breakdowns:
Our IT Support Service includes:

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